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Project Description
AOP based caching: non intrusive code gets injected in your business classes in order to provide caching functionalities to your application. We implemented this component on a couple of production applications.

Based on:
  • Postsharp 1.0
  • Native .NET 2.0 framework abilities (i.e. reflection)
  • Indexus (other data storing applications can be used)

More details
  1. Adds caching attributes to your intensive processing/low performance/database methods.
  2. Compile your application. Caching code gets injected at compilation time using Postsharp static weaver.
  3. Each time you call the cached methods, a unique signature based on method name, return type, parameters types and values gets calculated. If signature already exists, return value is retrieved from the cache engine (i.e. Indexus), and method not executed.
  4. Also supports domain objects whose existence is independent of the method that loaded them (i.e. a same domain object, or DTO may be loaded by many different methods). Domain objects get their own signature, and are uniquely identified in the caching engine context, making sure they are instantied only once.
  5. Extensive documentation soon to be available at

Supported on
  • Web applications
  • Windows services
  • Console line applications

Also includes
  • NANT build files
  • MBUnit unit tests

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